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The Best Products to Organize Your Closet

My Favorite Products to Organize Your Closet


These are the products I like to use in my own closet. They all have 3 things in common:

  1. They maximize space;
  2. They are sturdy and well-made; and,
  3. They look good, so you don't have to hide them from the prying eyes of over-night guests.

Shelf Dividers

Neu Home Chrome Shelf Dividers
Photo/ Neu Home Chrome Shelf Dividers

I'm a shelf divider convert. I used to think they were for serious nerds who stacked their jeans by shade of denim and measured the distance between the rows of shirts and sweaters with a ruler. Not anymore. Once I installed some shelf dividers in my own closet, I had to admit they made a huge impact on the way my closet looked, and it's so much easier to organize.

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Adjustable Closet Rod

Adjustable Closet Rod
Photo / Ace Hardware

Nothing will change your closet as much as an adjustable closet rod. You will double your hanging space, taking advantage of that hard-to-reach dead space at the top of your closet. Don't forget a step stool.

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Chrome Portable Laundry Hamper

Chrome Hamper by Organize.com
Photo / Organize.com

Two things to like about this hamper:

  1. It's square and folds up, making it pace-saver friendly.
  2. It's nice looking enough to fit in with any decor scheme, or can be easily tucked into a closet.

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Multiple Pant Hanger

Multiple Pant Hanger
Photo / Stacks and Stacks

I have a slew of "business pants" that take up a large amount of space in my closet. This hanger makes life a lot easier by hanging them together and keeping them wrinkle-free.

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Pink Storage Bin

Pink Storage Bin from Organize.com
Photo / Organize.com

Bins just make everything a lot easier. I store tights, belts, hats, clutches, and tank tops in bins. They have an uncanny knack for keeping everything tidy and I like to line bins up on shelves and label them so I know exactly what I'm grabbing.

They are especially good in a hall closet for mittens, hats and gloves.

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Venetian Non-Slip Ribbed Belt Ring

Venetian Non-Slip Ribbed Belt Ring by Organize.com
Photo / Organize.com

This is a great option to store belts neatly.  You can hang 5-10 belts at a time -- depending on their size -- and easily retrieve them from your closet while quickly getting dressed in the morning.

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Real Hangers

Scotts Deluxe Wood Coat Hangers
Photo / Scotts Deluxe

I like to use real hangers because I own a lot of blazers (honestly, I could probably donate a few). Real hangers--meaning the kind made of wood and not wire--help your clothes hold their shape by supporting the shoulders.

A great tip I just learned from Ginny Snook Scott of California Closets: You can bring your clothes to the dry cleaner on your own chosen hangers and the dry cleaner will return them the same way, meaning you never have to go through the rigmarole of taking them off the wire hanger and putting them back on the real hanger again.You can also ask for no plastic covering.

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