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How to Organize Cable Clutter

Organizing Tips for the Clutter of your TV, DVD, Gaming and Computer Cables


How to Organize Cable Clutter

Brother Label Maker - a top organizing essential.

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Following these organizing tips to clear cable clutter will take 15 minutes, max. Get out the label maker or masking tape and sharpies and make your life easier by labeling the nest of cords and cables collecting dust behind your TV, entertainment console or computer.

Why bother organizing cables you don't even see?

Two Important reasons:

  1. Money and Energy Savings: You may find some cords or cables back there you don't actually need to have plugged in, like an old router no longer in use. Or, you can further save on energy by choosing to only plug things in when they're turned on. Most people leave their electronic equipment plugged in around the clock. You can save on energy by unplugging the video game console for the stretches between gaming.
  2. Organization: The next time you decide to move or replace something behind your TV. It will go much more smoothly if you have your cords and cables labeled.

Here's the quickest way to organize cable clutter:

Unplug Everything.

For safety reasons, first, and secondly to inspect the cables and cords. Are they frayed? Fraying? Damaged in anyway? If so, time to replace.


Give them a quick dusting with a Swiffer sheet or microfiber hand towel.


Start by labeling the cords and cables at the top (closest to the TV) and bottom (closest for the outlet). You can use a label maker or just write-on labels.


Plug everything back in. You're done!

This is a 15-30 minute task that will pay dividends the next time you decide to re-arrange, move, clean or replace a piece of electronic equipment.

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