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Organize Your Office Supplies


Organize Your Office Supplies

A secure lid is important!

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Whether you have a home office or not, it is still beneficial to keep a few essential office supplies handy in an additional place other than the home office.

I like to keep office supplies in my bedroom, because often I find that I need scissors, paperclips or a stapler, and I have to retrieve them from another room. To solve this dilemma, I went to my local Dollar Store and purchased an inexpensive (only $1!) container intended for crafts. The dividers hold my office supplies perfectly, and it keeps the supplies in their place if the container should fall. I also like the secure lid and carrying handle.

This container serves my needs perfectly - affordable, functional and easily accessible. To make it even more affordable, you can utilize something you already own. Just remember the importance of a secure lid, to avoid items spilling.

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