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Time Savers

100s of Organizing and Productivity Times Savers


Readers have submitted their best time savers for organizing closets, planning and packing for travel, getting through the holidays, organizing the kitchen, storing shoes, and more. These 100s of Time Savers are organized by room or space, and by task so you can choose one area to concentrate on and improve your time-saving skills. Some are in-genius, some are wacky, but all of them are time savers used in readers' homes.

Kitchen Time Savers

All Clad Stainless Steel 7 Piece Cooking Tool Set from Williams Sonoma
Photo / Williams Sonoma
Kitchen time savers come in handy on bury weeknights, and when you decide to do a whole-scale kitchen reorganization. Some of the best time savers submitted by readers include:
  • How to keep appliance cords tidy using napkin rings.
  • Keep a permanent marker in the refrigerator to label leftovers.
  • Use wax paper for breading meat.

Clothes and Closet Time Savers

Elfa Closet with Adjustable Drawers
Photo / Container Store
Read and share you best closet organizing tips and tricks with other readers. Time savers include:
  • Separating out play clothes (for adults; we'll call these "after work" clothes) into a large basket so they are easy to access at the end of a long work day.
  • A neat way to organize scarves.
  • Using ice cube trays to separate and store jewelry.

Holiday Time Savers

Container Store elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart White
Elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart White from Container Store
The holidays are a huge test of your productivity and time manage skills. Below are some time savers to help, including:
  • Using Post-It notes to identify the correct serving bowls for big holiday meals.
  • If you're having guests over for a party, keep a list of the menu, a pad, and pen near the phone so when guests RSVP you can check them off, and be ready to tell them what they can bring when they offer.
  • Use Amazon to organize your gift list so you can add to it year-round while searching the Internet.

Home Organizing Time Savers

Whitney Lateral File with Shelf two from Pottery Barn
Photo / Whitney Lateral File with Shelf two from Pottery Barn
These home organizing time savers span the whole house and include some real time-saving and organizing gems like:
  • Using small bins around the house (kitchen pantry, under the bathroom sink, in the hall closet) to corral small items.
  • Using Freecycle to declutter.
  • How to deal with daily paper build-up.

Shoe Storage Time Savers

Ballet Flats
Photo / Steve Madden
Everyone has an answer to the
  • Store shoes in a bookcase.
  • Storing shoes under the bed.
  • Numbering your shoe boxes - a tip from a professional organizer!

Travel Time Savers

Jessica Simpson Luggage
Photo / Jessica Simpson
Travel and packing time savers like:
  • Rolling clothes when packing.
  • The best day to book air fare.
  • Pack your clothes into Ziploc bags to keep them separate in a large suitcase.

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