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Organize Your Kitchen Spices

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Organize Your Kitchen Spices

Tiered racks help you maximize space and view items easier.

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The Bottom Line

Storing your spices can be a struggle, especially when you have an ample amount. A tiered spice rack is a great tool to help maximize your cabinet space, easily view your spices and keep your spices organized. It will make you realize how inefficient your previous system was.


  • Maximize your kitchen cabinet space
  • Easily view all your spices
  • Budget-friendly
  • Expanding rack accommodates most spaces
  • Functional & Stylish


  • I could use an additional row


  • Tiered shelving helps you easily view spices at-a-glance.
  • An efficient way to help maximize the space in your cabinets.
  • Budget-friendly, stylish and functional!

Guide Review - Organize Your Kitchen Spices

I have an abundance of spices, and I was finding it difficult to store them efficiently. I didn't want to stack them, for fear that they could fall. By not stacking them, I was unable to view the spices at-a-glance. I need them for cooking, so it was important that I had easy access to them.

I knew about tiered spice racks and always thought they were clever. It wasn't until my mom started using them that my desire increased further. I didn't even have time to purchase my own before I recieved it in the mail from my mom. She sent me 2 sets so that I could utilize the entire kitchen cabinet. I was delighted to receive them. There was no assembly required and I was impressed with the added feature of being expandable, which really helps to use the entire width of the cabinet space wisely. I only wish there was an additional row because i still have extra unused space in front of the rack.

I am delighted with the product, and it has increased my cooking prep and clean up time considerably. The only negative is that my mom informed me that they have since discontinued them from Bed, Bath & Beyond where she purchased them. Fortunately, alternative manufacturers carry them available in various colors, styles and prices to accommodate everyone's tastes.

Additional Tips:

  • If spice labels are difficult to view, you could create your own labels using a labelmaker .
  • If you don't want to use up kitchen cabinet space, you could utilize drawer or under cabinet space.
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