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How to Organize Shoes


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How to Organize Shoes + Boots
how to organize shoes

Begin organizing your shoes by gathering your entire collection together.

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As with people, shoes and boots come in a range of sizes and are used for different functions. How to organize them depends on the size of your collection and where you wear them. But the best way to organize shoes and boots follow this five-step process.

Before you organize shoes, you're got to collect them all in the same place. Go through your home and gather all of your shoes and boots -- including flip flops, slippers and sneakers -- into the same spot. If you have a sneaky suspicion that shoes are lurking in places not immediately visible, check the following:
  • Under the couch and bed - I once found a pair of shoes wedged between my friend's night table and the wall.
  • In your gym bag - especially if you have extra pairs of sneakers.
  • Luggage - Missing a pair of flip flops and just returned form a beach vacation? If you had no place to store your shoes and no organizational system, you may have just "forgotten" them in your suitcase. In general, it's much easier and more pleasant to unpack if you have a proper place for every item.
  • Under your desk at work - this is especially true for women who commute in sensible shoes and change into three-inch heels once in the office.
Most likely, they are all by the door - usually in a pile.

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