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How to Organize Shoes


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Plan Shoe Storage Solutions
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Now create piles of shoes by type and size, and be specific: work flats, snow boots, dressy shoes-you get the idea-and decide how much space you need for each type of shoe. Here are your storage options by size, from smallest to largest. There are several different options for shoe storage. Here, we'll focus on the most simple.

Small Collection:

  • A Hanging Canvas Bag: if you're especially short on space and have a relatively small shoe collection, this option should work for your non-boot shoes.

Medium Collection:

Large Collection:
I recommend using the original boxes for shoe and boot storage. This is by far easiest method for three reasons:

  1. The boxes are very easy to stack.
  2. Shoe boxes always come labeled. If you have more than one pair from the same brand, label the boxes accordingly.
  3. Boxes are easy to move when you swap out your Spring/Summer shoes for your Fall/Winter shoes.

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