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Shoe & Boot Trays

Organize Shoes and Boots On A Boot Tray


Boot trays can be used to store boots and shoes, and they have an uncanny way of making a messy pile of shoes and boots look streamlined and neat. I recommend a boot tray by the back door of your home, or the door people come in through most often. In the winter and spring, leave one right outside the house for muddy shoes and boots.

Green Boot Tray

Green Boot Tray from Crate and Barrel
Photo / Crate and Barrel

This looks like something you'd pick up in an LL Bean store.


  • Green Metal Boot Tray with Rubber Boot Tray Insert.
  • 30"Wx13"Dx2"H
  • Sturdy galvanized iron boot tray in deep green is outfitted with an optional ridged rubber insert.
  • 100% galvanized iron tray100% vulcanized rubber tray insert
  • Trays are not watertight
  • Clean tray with a damp cloth
  • Shake, vacuum or hose clean tray insert

Basic Boot Trays

Basic Boot Trays
Photo / Organize

This all-purpose boot tray is perfect to leave near the back door or in a mudroom for muddy or dusty boots.


  • Heavy duty plastic construction for extra durability 
  • Protects your home, office and car floors from dirt, grime or spills 
  • Can be used to hold plants, flower pots, boots, shoes, art supplies, paint and more! 
  • 3/4"tall x 28"wide x 14"deep

Copper Boot Tray

Copper Boot Tray
Photo / Stacks & Stacks

A step up from the basic boot tray.  This coated steel number will fit in in any entry way, and you can choose your favorite symbol: Circles, Stars, Pine Cones or Squares.


  • No Assembly Required 
  • Made of Powder Coated Steel 
  • 34"D x 2.5"H x 14"W

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