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How to Store Boots

Options to Store Every Type of Boot You Own


We've already talked about the challenges of boot storage, precisely, boots tend to topple over, so it's hard to line them up neatly without some support. Now we'll go over the most common types of boots and I'll suggest some storage options.


Donna Karan Heels
Photo / Donna Karan

Booties are a challenge because they typically do not fit into regular-sized shoe cubbies or shoe racks, so, shoe shelves to the rescue!


Cowboy Boots

Frye Sandra Boot
Photo / Frye

This is a separate category because the shafts of cowboy boots don't slouch, meaning you can line them up in your closet or entry way without fear that they will topple over into a messy pile on the floor.

Knee-High & Over-the-Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots
Photo / Piperlime

Since these are usually made of very slouchy fabric, you need to keep them upright.

  • If you have the hanging space, best bet is to hang the slouchy ones on your closet rod with a boot holder.
  • If you are working within a smaller closet, you can tuck these boots into a hanging shoe rack.
  • Out-of-season, store these in a shoe box.

Rain Boots

Hunter Orange Festival Tall Wellington Boots
Photo / Hunter

Rain boots tend to track mud, rain and snow into the foyer of your home. In order to stop that from happening, here are 2 workable ways to store them.

  • A boot rack installed in the garage or mudroom.
  • Store them on a tray in the foyer, mudroom or garage.

Ski Boots

Ski Boots Photo by Head
Ski Boots Photo by Head

Ski boots (like skis) will spend the majority of their life in storage, rather than in use, so it's important to consider where and how they will be stored.

Ugg Boots

How to Store Ugg Boots
Photo / Ugg
Oh, Uggs. So ugly yet so popular. Keep your Uggs by the door like you would rain boots.
  • A boot rack installed in the garage or mudroom.
  • Store them on a tray in the foyer, mudroom or garage.

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