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Where to Store Shoes

Utilize different shoe storage solutions to maximize space


If your puzzled as to where to shore shoes, you've come to the right place. I have struggled for years trying to store my shoe collection in one convenient spot until I realized it didn't exist. Now I store my shoes in different locations depending on how often I wear them and the type of activity I'm engaged in while I'm wearing them.

In this guide, I've gone over every type of shoe you could own, and recommend the best place to store them. Am I missing one? Tell me where you store your shoes and I'll add it to the list. Happy shoe storing! 

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats
Photo / Steve Madden

Ballet flats are so easy to store because they are super narrow, flat-soled and can be fit into smaller spaces.

Shoe Storage Solution: Store them in a Hanging Shoe Rack on the back of your closet door.

Flip Flops

FLip Flop Bucket
Photo / Elizabeth Larkin

I keep a pair of flip flops in a tray by my front door. I use them to run out to my car to grab something I forgot, or to fetch the paper in the morning. Even in the winter, I tend to want my flip flops close by.

Shoe Storage Solution: If you have 1 pair, keep them by the front door, if you have several pairs, consider a flip flop organizer

High Heels

12-Pair Shoe Organizer
Photo / The Container Store

High heels, depending on the heel height, have a few options for storage.

Shoe Storage Solution: Keep high heels in your closet in a hanging shoe rack or in shoe boxes. Storing them in your closet makes it easier to try them on with different outfits, especially different pant length hems.

The one exception to this is a lone pair of work shoes I keep by my front door.

Flats & Loafers

22-Compartment Eco-Fabric Shoe Bag
Photo / The Container Store

A little more substantial than ballet flats because of their hard or rubber soles, flat shoes and loafers can still be accommodated in your closet.

Shoe Storage Solution: Flats should be stored in a shoe rack in your closet. This way, like heels, you can try them on with varying outfits.

Once again, like heels, I would leave your most-worn work pair by the front door. 

Hiking Shoes

These can be really expensive so treat your hiking shoes well. This means making sure they are dry before storing them in your home, and dust/scrap the dirt off these when you get home before bringing them inside.

Shoe Storage Solution: These are better left in an easy-to-reach storage spot like your basement or attic. Leaving them in your garage may expose them to the elements and end up warping the fabric in the shoes. Try a shoe and boot tray in your entry way. 


Expandable Stacking Shoe Rack
Photo / Container Store

I strongly recommend you keep these out of your clothes closet. Chances are they smell and have collected dirt as you've strode miles walking or running in them, or have spent a lot of time outside gardening. Exceptions to this rule will be really nice sneakers you wear out of the town. (If you're a guy and you're into that sort of thing.)

Shoe Storage Solution: Tray by the door.

I keep mine in a tray under a bench. The bench makes them easy to take on and off and the tray makes them look a little bit neater than a pile on the floor.

Super High Heels

Donna Karan Heels
Photo / Donna Karan

If you're stomping around town in 5+ inches, great. (Your podiatrist may have another reaction.) But you may have to think about extra special storage for those shoes.

Shoe Storage Solution: Line these up on a shoe rack or a shoe shelf that will accommodate the height of the shoe. I like an expandable shoe rack or an adjustable shoe shelf.  Most shoe boxes will be too shallow for a heel more than 4 inches high.

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