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Organizing & Storage: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
6 Best Closet Storage Solutions
These 6 closet storage solutions will help you gain more control over your closet space by offering more storage and making frequently-worn clothes more accessible.
How to Declutter Your Entire House, Room-by-Room
Learn how to declutter your home. We'll go through your bathroom, linen closet, clothes closet, kitchen and living room in order to declutter every part of your home and office.
Everything you need to tackle closet organizati...
Closet organization includes decluttering your clothes, donating or consigning items you no longer wear, storing shoes and accessories properly, and establishing a good closet organizing system to maintain order.
5 Steps to an Ultra-Organized Pantry
Learn step-by-step kitchen pantry organizing. We'll go over why it's important, how to declutter, how to arrange items in your pantry and how to maintain pantry organization using the right tools and storage solutions.
Quick Tips to Control Clutter and Stop Hoarding
6 quick tips to control clutter and stop hoarding will teach you when to let go of clutter, how to let it go, and why you may be holding into things for too long. We'll ease into the process with tips that work to end hoarding.
How to Declutter the Closet Once and For All
Is your closet chock full of clothes you no longer wear? Purge your closet of clutter once and for all with these tips to declutter, donate, consign and recycle your old clothing.
Your complete kitchen organization checklist
Get started with kitchen organization. We'll got through how to organize every nook and cranny in your space, including: cabinets, appliances, pantry, counter tops, and more.
How to Create a Daily Routine That Works For You
How to create a personalized daily routine to suit your schedule.
How to Choose a Closet System
Which closet system is right for you? In this guide, we'll go through the most popular closet systems and decide which one is best for your closet, clothing and budget.
How to make a daily routine work for you
Learn how to form good habits and stick to a daily routine by using these tips from motivational expert Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson.
The 7 best shoe storage solutions
The best shoe storage solutions from low-budget to deluxe. We'll go through the options and decide which storage solutions fits your shoe collection and budget best, including shoe racks, shoe benches, shoe closets, shoe shelves and under bed shoe storage.
How to Create Space in a Small Closet
Create more room in a small closet. Maximize storage space and get your clothes and shoes in order quickly and easily.
6 ways to cut clutter in your bedroom
6 smart, easy ways to cut clutter in your bedroom from decluttering your closet to using the right bedroom storage solutions.
How to Declutter Your Home in 30 Minutes a Day
Declutter your bedroom by going through your closet, dresser and night table and doing a quick clutter sweep. All this in just 30 minutes a week. Page 3.
When to Get Rid of Clothes
7 very good signs it's time to toss, donate or sell your clothing and shoes -- and the best ways to get rid of them.
Daily Checklist
Daily Checklist - Keep track of what you need to get done each day with the Daily Checklist.
A simple guide to organizing all of your clothing
How to organize your clothes 6 ways: sorting, arranging and storing by size, color, function and season.
Declutter Your Entire Home in 30 Minutes a Day...
To be more organized, you've got to do a little bit of organizing every single day. Follow this easy weekly organizing routine to take you through your home to organize and declutter in 20 minutes a day.
My Daily Routine
My daily routine is a compilation of interviews of people's personal daily routines. How they organize their schedule, spend their time, and get things done every day.
How Long to Keep Documents
Our list of how long to keep documents should serve a quick reference for creating and maintaining a workable home filing system.
How to Organize a Closet in 5 Steps
A step-by-step guide to learn how to organize your closet quickly, easily and efficiently with recommendations on storage solutions for every tie, shoe and sweater.
How to Organize Shoes
How to organize shoes and boots by following our 5 step process. Pare down and declutter, sort your shoes and boots, choose storage solutions and learn how to maintain organization.
How long to keep records and household items...
How long to keep records, financial documents, clothes, shoes, and many other common sources of household clutter. If you know how long to keep things, you can cut down on considerable amounts of clutter in your home.
How To Organize a Small Closet
You can get your tiny closet organized and maximize the space by incorporating these simple solutions. Your closet will be organized in no time.
How to be Organized Daily
Be organized everyday by completing tasks like meal planning, keeping a to do list, checking your bank balance and decluttering just a little bit every single day.
How To to Spring Clean the Closet
Spring cleaning your closet is much easier when you follow my steps to get it done quickly and painlessly.
25 Closet Organizers To Use In Your Clothes...
25 different ways to organize your closet! Tips include unique uses for shoe boxes and tie racks, to how to fold cashmere sweaters. No matter how large, small, or awkward your closet, we've got a closet idea for you.
Quick 30 Minute Home Organization Projects
Top quick organizing projects to refresh your home and life.
How to Maximize Small Closet Storage Space
Learn the steps to maximize storage space in a small closet. We'll go through solutions specifically chosen to help you organize and create more space in a smaller area. Hint: These tips and products can be applied to bigger closets, too.
10 Tips for a Better Daily Routine
Learn tips to maximize your time in the morning and get yourself and your family out the door quickly.
Get more done by following a daily routine
The benefits (time savings, good habits) or following a strong daily routine to manage your time.
How to Use Plastic Storage Containers
How to use plastic storage containers to store clothing, shoes, accessories and knick-knacks around your house, in the garage and in your closet.
What to Organize in Your Home from A-Z
What to organize in your home right now is a room-by-room, A-Z checklist of what to organize in your home, office and life. We'll go through every room and item in your home including the attic, closet, entryway, garage, kitchen and living room.
How to store all of your clothes from...
How to store clothes, including jeans, accessories, blouses, sweaters, underwear and more.
How to Plan Small Closet Organization + Storage
Tackle small closet organization and storage with these tips and resources specifically designed for smaller spaces.
The 5 best boot storage solutions
Boot storage solutions for every type of boot your own: from Uggs to booties to over-the-knee. Browse my guide to boot boxes, boot hangers and boot storage benches.
How to Arrange Items in the Pantry
Learn how to arrange items in the pantry properly. By grouping food items with similar food items, you will save time and space while cooking, grocery shopping, and meal planning.
15 Travel Tips For the Organized Traveller
15 Must-have travel tips including how to organize your itinerary, snacks to pack, and clothes packing and unpacking tips to keep you organized, sane and safe before, during and after traveling.
How to Cut Bathroom Clutter
How to cut bathroom clutter by organizing linen closet, decluttering under the sink, and choosing the right storage solutions for your bathroom.
My 5 favorite and fast closet organizing tips
Start organizing your clothes closet quickly and efficiently with these top 5 quick organizing tips including how to store and organize pants, undies and recommendations for closet storage solutions.
How to Maximize Kitchen Cabinets Storage
Tips to maximize storage space in your kitchen cabinets to create more space, group similar items together and use kitchen cabinet organizers.
The 6 Most Common Types of Clutter
What is Clutter? That's a good question because clutter can take on many forms. In this article we'll define and identify the most common types of clutter.
The Top 10 Most Common Sources of Clutter
The clutter top 10 are the most common sources of clutter in people's home. Here's how to spot and root out the clutter in your home.
The Top 8 Reasons Why You Have Clutter
8 Really simple reasons why clutter has crept into your home. How to spot it, how to eradicate it and how keep it from creeping back.
52 Home Organization Projects You Can Do This...
Home keeping projects that can be done in a weekend. From the kitchen to your closets, these will help you organize your home one task at a time.
Easy Tips to Organize Your Bedroom Dresser
Organize your bedroom and dresser drawers in no time when you follow these easy and time-saving tips...
How to Store Accessories
Learn how to quickly and easily store all of your accessories, even the toughies like scarves and handbags.
How to Pack Toiletries in a Carry-on Bag
Just because you're traveling with only a carry-on bag, you don't need to leave your favorite products and toiletries at home. Travel writer Johnna Kapalan shares her best tips for packing toiletries so you can bring your favorite beauty products while you travel without having to chuck them at airport security.
How to Organize Anything in Your Home or Office
Learn how to organize anything in your home and life by applying this 5 step system.
How to Store Shoes
Learn the best way to store your shoes based on the size of your closet, your shoe collection, and the types of shoes you own. No shoe collection will be left behind in this tutorial.
The Best Products to Organize Your Closet
Get your closet organized with my favorite closet products like shelf dividers and double hangs.
How to Store Boots
We go through every type of boot you could possible own, from booties to Hunters to over-the-knee and tell you exactly how to store each pair.
How to Create Storage Space
Tips and tricks to create storage space in your home and office by utilizing prime real estate like closet doors and shelving.
Help Me Organize Clothes
In help me organize clothes, I answer your most common questions about clothes clutter, clothes organization tips, and the best storage and furniture options to store clothes.
Organizing Kitchen Cabinets in 5 Steps
5 Steps to organizing your kitchen cabinets. You will learn how to to declutter your kitchen cabinets, maximize storage space, fit cabinet organizers and maintain your new-found organization.
28 Kitchen Organizers To Help Organize Your...
28 Kitchen organizers to help you store kitchen tools and appliances, declutter your kitchen pantry and cabinets, and maintain organization in your kitchen. These are simple, effective organization and storage solutions you will use over and over again.
Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions
Learn how to choose and install pantry storage solutions to keep your pantry streamlined and organized.
How to Take Better Notes
How to take better notes using note cards, color coding notes, using the right pencils and pens for note taking, time management, study skills expert
6 Simple Steps to Planning Your Meals
Learn how to meal plan with step-by-step instructions on how to choose recipes, make a list and grocery shop for your weekly meals.
Where to Store Shoes
Learn where to store shoes to save time and space in your closet. Think about storing your shoes by the front door, under your bed or in a basement or attic storage space.
How to Use Shelf Dividers to Organize Your Closet
How to use shelf dividers to store jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts in your closet, and linens and handbags.
How to Manage Mail in Four Steps
Learn how to manage your mail in four steps. This guide will teach you how to reduce the amount of mail you receive (junk mail!), set up a home filing system, and use your calendar to keep track of important documents.
Wooden Shoe Racks
Wooden Shoe Rack - Shoe racks made of wood are sturdier, offer more decor elements and are typically more expensive than other shoe racks. Here are our choices for the best of the bunch from least to most expensive.
How to use the storage space space under your...
How to use the storage space under your bed to like clothes, shoes, books and gift wrap.
Paper Management 101
Learn about paper management and how to manage paper clutter like mail, receipts and magazines.
How to Store Everything in Your Home
How to store everything in your home teaches you how to properly store everything from bikinis to wine. We go through rooms and items to learn the best ways to store all your items.
How to Create a Travel Itinerary
A step-by-step guide to create a travel itinerary checklist, including hotel information, transportation, and sights to see along the way. Be a super-organized traveler by creating a travel itinerary checklist before you hit the road.
7 Most Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Organizers
These 7 efficient and budget-friendly kitchen cabinet organizers will allow you to use your cabinets more easily and group like items together.
Bedroom Closet and Dresser Organizing Tips
If you want to get your bedroom organized but you are worried that you don't have the time, the resources or the money, look no further! Follow these easy, time-saving and affordable tips that will have your bedroom organized in no time.
How to use your closet door to store shoes
Door Shoe Rack - Over the door shoe racks are the most space-saving shoe racks. Utilizing the door means no shoes taking up space on the floor.
How To Organize A Handbag
Organizing your handbag is a small project worth the effort - you'll save money, reduce stress, and save your back. Here's how to do it.
Top Picks in Shoe Racks
Shoe racks to fit on the floor of your clothes or entry way closet, over the door and made of wooden, plastic and canvas.
Home Storage Solutions For Everything in Your...
This guide to storage solutions will teach you how to maximize the storage space in every room in your home. From the kitchen, to the closet, the the entryway, we'll go through the best storage solutions for your home.
How to Store Everything in the Kitchen
Use this handy checklist to help you store everything in your kitchen properly. From cookbooks to spatulas, and appliances to food.
How to Store Jewelry
Tips and techniques for sotring jewelry both at home and when travelling.
How to Be Organized
How to be organized is a big question, but after years of writing about, researching and studying organizing
What is Aspirational Clutter?
What is aspirational clutter? Aspirational clutter is clutter you accumulate related to hobbies, clothes and food.
How to Follow a Routine to Be Organized
Learn how to follow daily, weekly, and monthly routines to be more organized.
Evernote Review
Evernote Review - A Review of Evernote - Tech and productivity guru Lon Seidman answers my questions about Evernote.
What Order to Organize Your Home
Have you ever wonder what rooms make sense to organize before the others? I did some research and figured out the best order to organize your home.
How to Become a Professional Organizer
How to Become a Professional Organizer – Skills you need to become a professional organizer and build a successful professional organizing business.
7 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas
7 kitchen cabinet ideas and kitchen organization products you can use right now to be more organized in the kitchen.
The 5 reasons you keep clutter -- and how to...
Reasons you keep clutter around, and strategies to get rid of clutter for good from California Closets' Ginny Snook Scott.
5 Linen Closet Organization Tips
5 tips to organize the linen closet for easier access to your towels, table clothes and blankets. Get this space organized so it's easy to use every single day.
How to Declutter the Pantry
Learn how to declutter your pantry the easy way. We will clear this space of clutter, and then go over a plan to keep it clutter free moving forward.
6 Kitchen Organization Ideas
6 organization ideas that will work in any kitchen.
Easily Organize Mail
A simple method for managing and organizing mail that keeps clutter and disorganization at bay.
Help Me Organize My Home
Help me organize my home will cover the Dos and Don'ts when you decide to get organized. Here are 5 Strategies to use right now to help you get organized.
Here's how to declutter your life by getting...
How to declutter your life by tackling these 6 spaces and tasks.
15 Quick Tips to be More Productive
A list of tips you can use to be more productive, starting right now. These easy-to-implement tips and techniques will have you on the road to being more organized and productive quickly and efficiently.
Weekly Meal Plan from a Working Mom
Peek inside the kitchen of a working mom, and she how she meal plans each week for her family of four.
How to Start Small When You Organize
When you're on the path to organization, starting small is the best way to proceed.
5 Small Closet Organization Ideas
5 smart small closet organization ideas to help you organize and clean a small or small-ish closet.
How to Declutter Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are breeding grounds for clutter. This guide will take you through the process of creating clutter-free kitchen cabinets and how to maintain your no clutter cabinets.
The 6 most useful kitchen storage solutions
The most universally useful kitchen storage solutions. These storage solutions keep it simple, and can be used in any kitchen -- large small or in between.
How to Store Kitchen Appliances
How to store kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers and toaster ovens in a small, medium or large kitchen.
5 Tips to Grocery Shop Like a Pro
Learn how to grocery shop in 5 simple steps with tips on meal planning, grocery list making and recipe organization.
Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization
Learn kitchen pantry organization with these resources, how-to guide, tips and tools. We'll go through how to organize your pantry, how to keep it clutter free, how to arrange items for easy access, how to choose and install storage solutions, and how to maintain pantry organization.
7 ways to stay focused
Five ways to stay focused and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently -- both at home and in the office.
How to Stop Junk Mail
How to successfully unsubscribe from mailing lists and stop junk mail from hitting your mail box.
A-Z Home Organization Tips for Your Entire...
Organizing tips to help you in every room of your home, in your office, and while managing your time.
Help Me Organize My Time
Tested strategies to help you organize your time effectively like planning backwards and overestimating the time it takes to complete common tasks.
11 Home Organization Projects That Take 10...
Home organization ideas that take 10 minutes or less.
Bathroom Vanity & Medicine Cabinet Organization
Organize your bathroom with these simple tips that will have your vanity, drawers, upper and lower cabinets organized in no time.
9 Bedroom Organization Tips
Easy tips to help you become a bedroom organization expert. These tips will help you declutter the space, clean, and maximize storage so you can maintain a serene sleeping space.
How to Get Started with Goal Setting
Learn the best way to get start with setting your goals. There is a trick to planning and beginning the right way, wither your goal is to lose weight, get a new job, get better sleep or do more of something good: exercise, eat healthy, save more money.
How to Organize Kitchen Appliances
Simple steps to organize your kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers and waffle irons.
Double Hangs
You can literally double your closet space with a double hang. Here are the sturdiest choices from your organizing guide.
Healthy Meal Planning Tips From a Kitchen Pro
Nutrition expert Ryan McGinn Allen shares her best 6 tips for healthy meal planning, grocery shopping and kitchen organization.
What to Shred
What to shred? follow our list of the documents that should be shred rather than simply recycled: ATM receipts, bank statements, credit card bills and more.
5 bathroom organizing tips that will work in...
These quick tips will help you to declutter, organize and streamline your bathroom storage quickly and efficiently.
9 Easy Bedroom Organization Projects
A dozen (and counting) different quick and easy bedroom organization projects to help you declutter, organize and maintain order in your bedroom.
How to Organize A Nightstand
A step-by-step guide to organizing and decluttering your nightstand.
How to Consign
In this guide we'll go through the steps to consigning clothing, shoes, furniture and appliances, including how to identify the right consignment shop to turn your trash into someone else's treasure.
10 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Pare down, declutter, and then choose the best storage solutions to organize your small kitchen. These are just some of the best small kitchen storage ideas.
4 different types of shelving that may work in...
Four different kinds of flexible, functional garage shelving is the best option for garage storage. Below
Closet Organization Ideas
13 closet organization ideas that can be used in closets of any size.
10 Essential Bathroom Organizers
10 easy bathroom organizers to help you keep clutter at bay and maintain order in your bathroom and linen closet. These 10 organizers are easy to find, easy to install and will help you create more space in your bathroom.
How to Organize a To Do List
8 Ways to Organize a To Do List. Personal Organizing.
How to Declutter Kitchen Appliances
How to group and sort your kitchen appliances so you can store them for easy retrieval, and remove clutter from your kitchen.
Why You Keep Sentimental Clutter
We'll talk about the reasons you keep sentimental clutter around, and several strategies to get rid of sentimental clutter for good.
Where to Donate Clothes
The where to donate clothing guide is a A list of recommendations on very worthy, reputable places to donate clothes, accessories and even small furniture and appliances.
Basic Dinner Recipes Everyone Can Prepare
10 Basic dinners that you can master and whip up each week no matter how tired, busy or stressed you are, with suggestions and recipes included.
How to Donate Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
Learn how to donate your clothing, shoes, boots and other accessories to declutter the closet, maintain an organized wardrobe and help a charitable organization by donating clothing they need.
Office organization projects to organize +...
Office organization projects to organize and declutter your office and computer in 10 minutes or less.
Closet Pictures + Tips
Closet pictures from celebrities and fashion designer's luxurious and chic walk-in closets, to Elfa storage.
How to Organize a Garage in 5 Steps
We roll through how to organize your garage in 5 distinct steps and I'll hold your hand through the sorting, organizing and decluttering.
Ideas to Get a Room Organized in 30 Minutes
Get your home organized in 30 minutes. We'll go room-by-room with 30 minutes of organizing covering each space in your home.
The 5 best garage storage solutions
Garage Storage Solutions - storage solutions for tools, mops, brooms, bikes and sporting equipment.
How to Be Organized By Month
How to be be organized month-by-month from January through December with checklists and a home organization project for each month.
Quick Closet Organization Projects in 10...
Dive into your closet and organize with quick projects to sort, declutter, organize and store clothes, shoes, accessories and anything else you store in your closet.
Organize Your Mud Room/Laundry Room
The mudroom/laundry room is a high traffic area and keeping it organized is essential.
Travel Planning Checklist
Whether you’re planning 3 months ahead or just days before, there a few pre-travel items you’ve got to check off your list before you hit the road. Here is a checklist of everything to get done before you travel.
6 Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas
6 really easy kitchen counter ideas to help you be more organized in the kitchen.
10 Things to Consider When Planning Garage...
10 Things you should consider when planning and maximizing storage space in your garage. These include utilizing the right products, decluttering your tools, paring down clutter and utilizing the beast, budget-friendly products.
7 Pantry Organization Ideas
7 pantry organization ideas you can use right now, including the best pantry organization products and tips.
The 12 best clothing storage products to have...
Choosing clothes storage products can be confusing because there's a lot of items out there that promise instant organization. Be wary. To help, we rounded up the very best products to help you store your clothing and keep them fresh + organized.
How to Get Started with Kitchen Cabinets...
How to get started with kitchen cabinet organization including decluttering, grouping like items together, maximizing your kitchen's prime real estate and a routine to keep it organized.
Clear the Clutter
Clear the Clutter in your home with these top clutter busters.
The Best Hooks To Maximize Storage Spaces
The best picks in hooks to maximize your storage spaces.
20 ways to organize your kitchen in 10 minutes...
Kitchen organizing ideas from the the pantry to the recycling bin, quick and easy organizing ideas for your kitchen. These quick kitchen organization projects will take 10 minutes or less.
Where to Donate Everything
Where to donate everything you own once you're done with it. Places like your local high school, library and charitable organizations.
Here's how to avoid mistakes when organizing a...
5 common mistakes people make when organizing a small closet, and how to avoid them!
Kitchen Pictures
Kitchen pictures of pantries, cabinets, stoves, counter tops and more.
How to organize + store purses and handbags
7 essentials everyone should keep in their bag at all times. These are the items you need and use regularly so it's worth it to haul them around with you all day long.
10 types of clothes you should always store +...
How to know when to store clothes by function rather than by size, season or color.
Get Started with Meal Planning & Grocery...
Tips, tricks and products to help you meal plan and grocery shop more seamlessly.
Boot Boxes
Store boots in boot boxes to fit them neatly into a storage space and protect them from the elements.
How to Organize a Junk Drawer in 30 Minutes
Learn how to organize a junk drawer quickly -- in 30 minutes or less. Whether it's in the kitchen, garage, or in your office, a junk drawer is a powerful organizing tool.
Bathroom & Linen Closet Pictures
Pictures of super organized linen closets and bathrooms.

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