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Elfa Closet Organizer Review - Elizabeth Larkin

Reader Reviews: Reviews of Closet Organizers

User Rating 3 Star Rating

By Elizabeth

Closet Organizer

Which Closet Organizer Do You Use?: 

Elfa Closet Organizer

Was it easy to install? 


Did you get what you paid for? 

Priced Just Right

Installation Tips and Tricks 

My brother installed the system, so for me...so it was a breeze!

What is your favorite feature? 

Adjustable shelving is by far my favorite feature.

WHy Did You Purchase This Organizer? 

My apartment did not come equipped with a closet (typical, New York City pre-war apartment dwelling) so I decided to turn a wall into a custom closet. My friend had a coupon for Elfa.

My Review 

Looks good, fits in well with my decor
Portable: if I move I can take it with me
I can accommodate the amount of clothes I have for each season by adjusting the shelving

The drawers never quite fit in right so sometimes if I pull to hard they pop out and they are a huge pain to get back in!

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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