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Readers Respond: What's your favorite home organization time saver?

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You've read the our giant list of Home Organization Tips, now share yours. What are your time savers for organizing your home in 10 minutes or less? Your Top Time Savers

My messy clothing drawers!

I use liftnfind clothing trays to file my clothes in my drawers.I can now sort and find my clothes without making a mess when I pull them out. Best of all I don't have to use my ironing board as a shelf anymore! These trays fit in a luggage as well so I take them along for business which makes for quick packing and unpacking.

Bins Keep Iterms Together

I use small bins (from K-Mart, etc.) in kitchen cabinets and pantry. That way, items are in categories and stay together. Example: spices in one bin; rice, pasta, tea-coffee in another bin. Vitamins-band aids, meds in one bin. The best news: No need to be neat. I just throw the items in the bin, then pull the bin out to get what I want - sort of like an extra little drawer. Same idea under the kitchen sink. A couple of bins contain the liquid cleaners, soap pads, sprays, etc. To clean under the kitchen sink - or when the plumber comes - I just need to remove two bins!
—Guest Ruffles1

Freecycle to Declutter

In our community (county) there is an online organization that's free. Register online, post something you need or want to give away. People reply.. Arrangements are made online via e mail--where to pick-up. No money involved. EX; Big jar of assorted buttons--none special. I had 4 people respond. I contacted the one who had answered first. Person lived on same street as my daughter..so I dropped them by. One lady gave away --10 picture frames.. Makes me feel good to pass on things that some else can use..


For storing cords: Save your empty toliet paper rolls and your empty paper towel rolls. Then, depending on size, curl your cords, insert them into an appropriate roll and label the cardboard. Store in the proper room/area where you might need them.
—Guest Jo

Handling Mail Before it Clutters

Keep a small trash can near the door closest to the mail box. Decide as you sift thru the daily mail which items you will not use and toss them immediately. For me those items are ads that I will not need or use within a 7-14 day window. Prices in the urban L.A. areas at stores I frequent change fairly frequently with sales and closeout offers so this time schedule works well. I also toss any unsolicited mail, and political campaign ads. I coupon so I watch the mail for bargain offers but only keep those that pertain to my use or those of my friends with whom I partner in our quest to save money in this challenging economy! lol
—Guest jrocks94

Daily Paper Build-Up

Here in urban Los Angeles (San Pedro) this is how I manage & recycle household paper clutter. Paper builds up quickly from unsolicited mailings, door-tag ads and local merchants 2-3 page newspaper ads. I save a stack for quickly sopping up kitchen spills; a stack for storing breakables for transport to thrift stores for recycling. The remainder goes into a daily stack. That stack I go thru a final time on Sundays as I sift news to be read, a t.v. guide, coupons --keepers-- from ads --toss-- from the Sunday paper. Any build up over 3 inches gets automatically tossed from the bottom to avoid paper mites. To execute this plan daily takes small amounts of time, and maybe 3-5 minutes on Sundays which I do while watching pro sports or the morning newsmakers and religious speakers. This is how I manage household paper clutter.
—Guest mssilver94


I use a small plastic file with inserts for separating receipts from several credit cards. Makes checking off statements quick and easy.
—Guest doreen sheinman

Ultimate Space Saving: Go Square

Why do we always gravitate towards bowls when it comes to kitchen storage? I don't know the answer to that, but I can tell you this: dump the bowls and go square. You'll be amazed at how much room you now have in your refrigerator, cabinet, and pantry. I no longer suffer from the holiday struggles of trying to fit all the food in the refrigerator! Plus, most square storage is clear, making it very easy to see what you have inside - no more having to pop lids to see what has turned into a science project.
—Guest Mommouk

Bathroom Clutter-Buster

Remove tootbrushes, drinking cups, makeup and grooming supplies to other rooms whenever possible. Most have mirrors, a dresser, desk or countertop in bedrooms or kitchens which are more spacious and sanitary. This clears the bathroom for "body-breaks" and showers.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Nothing is Clutter When You Re-Gift

Set aside items not used or thrown in a (Re) Gift Box (or a re-gift drawer or shelf) with a note who it was from / or a "to" tag.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Toothbrushes on Hooks

Try hanging hooks on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door to hang toothbrushes from. If your toothbrush is in a toothbrush cup within 12 feet of your toilet, you are basically brushing your teeth with toilet water.
—Guest Ling Ling

Homemade Cleaning Tips

- A spray bottle of denatured alcohol and toliet paper gives all surfaces in a bathroom an instant anti-soil and anti-bacterial wipedown. I keep the bottle hanging high on the shower curtain out of little hands. - A predampened washcloth and the alcohol spray can give a small bathroom floor a 2 minute wipe up. - A nice wide "jelly" squeegee will REALLY prevent most water spot build-up in a shower stall and only takes 30 seconds. - I swoosh leaves and noticable floor litter under the bath rug until I can get to a "real" sweep up.
—Guest Jo Migliavacca

Organizing The Medicine

I put my medicine/over the counter/topical lotions in various baskets, tubs and bags. I have a basket for over the counter items like asprin, theraflu, decongestant, and other things in a box. A tub for sun tan lotion, calamine lotion, and other topical skin lotions. A tin for diabetic testing supplies. And a pencil pouch with ace bandages, gauze wrap, rubber gloves and germ disinfectant. Having the first aid pouch is a great way to have everything in one portable spot in case you have a bleeder.
—Guest Ming

Declutter As You Go

Be on the lookout for anything that doesn't fit in it's current space - unworn clothes, unused items,... Move these where they will be used, given away or tossed NOW.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Stay on top of clutter

I tell friends and family members that I need nothing, besides, "good taste" is even rarer with well meaning family members,or friends, you know the "hula lamp lady syndrome" daffy duck mug set??
—Guest Steven

Your Top Time Savers

What's your favorite home organization time saver?

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