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Readers Respond: Share Your Times Savers To Organize Clothes

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From the article: Closet Storage Solutions
Clothes storage and organization is a unique challenge. Unlike other areas you may be organizing clothes come in different colors, seasons, sleeve lengths, hemlines, etc. It's no wonder you may need a little extra help to get your wardrobe organized and stored properly. Here readers share their favorite tips and tricks for organizing their clothes. From scarves and hats to sundresses and flip flops, and every sock, tie and sweater vest in between. What's your time saver?

Get the kids to help early and often.

I taught my little ones to fold Clothes at age 2. They were thrilled that they were helping, and laundry got sorted out faster. Today their closets are neater than mine. Who can say that about their teenagers? Sort clothes according to use: office wear, gym , winter wear, home wear, etc.
—Guest Yvette


Put hooks on the in side of your door. Hook on; use small plastic bags for broaches and ear-rings]; hook on rubber bands through bracelets.
—Guest Ruth

Cheap Closet Organization

Buy a few hanging shelves and suddenly you have a quick and easy way to organize. Buy lots for shoes and they are easy to use for storage!
—Guest Bob

Work/Play Clothes Drawer off the Floor

Jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc. that I use to relax in, or work at home, go into one large basket drawer hung at the bottom of my closet. They are handy and I don't want them mixed with better things. And I was surprised at how good it feels to have nothing on the floor in my closet!! Shoes are in hanging pockets.
—Guest What to do with work clothes

Organize Multiple Scarves

I love scarves and have collected dozens, but had difficulty keeping track of them and storing them. I bought 6 pants hangers, folded the scarves lengthwise and draped two to three over each section of the pants hanger. I can easily hang 18 full size scarves in the space it takes to hang one hanger. Now I can spot just the right scarf for my outfit and they stay nice and organized with minimal creasing.
—Guest TISHA

buy clothing rack or bin

Bin that fits to your closet drawer will help to stabilize stack of clothes together and easier to access. Separate clothes according to your need.
—Guest Piyali pal

Wood Hangars and plastic

No miracle solutions here, but I do recommend investing in wood hangars for nice clothes and segregating the crummy and work-type clothes on plastic hangars.

Doung Hang It!

I double-hung my closet, but I hung the top rod all the way up at the ceiling with the second rod at the bottom of the blouses. Then I installed a sheet of plywood under the bottom clothes, l installed another shelf about 18 inches under the first one and used the cubby for my jeans and play pants that fit on it fine when folded in half. I still had enough room left to put a couple pull out drawers underneath for shoes or whatever. Personally I like to keep my shoes on the back of the closet door where I can see them better. Oh, don't forget to add an extra light inside also, otherwise it's almost impossible to see what your doing in there on a dark morning. I almost forgot a very important point regarding the double-hung clothes rod. Since the top rod is so high up, you need to use the shelf that the pants sit on as a step to reach all the way up to the top, and it works just fine . It works for me anyway!
—Guest Amy

Closet shelves

I purchased some closet shelves from home depot to help organize my closet space to better organize my clothes to have my own system to be able to see my clothes by separating my blouses and blazers and jackets and coats. I have one closet on top of the other to use any unused space to avoid clutter to get rid of unwanted clothes and junk not being used. I really enjoy my closet being organized where I can see what clothes that I do have to avoid some of the frustration when looking for outfit for each day to know what is available
—Guest Barbara Smith

Separate Shoes

Keep your shoes separate! Store them in a different area so you have room on your closet floor for baskets.
—Guest Katelyn

By Color

I arrange all of my shirts in the closet by color. I put all of the darker/black shirts in front, so I can see them easier in the dim early morning light when I'm getting dressed.
—Guest Marcy

I do everything I can

I've installed extra closet rods, hanging closet organizers, and over the door shoe organizers (small closet). I separate by type - shirts, skirts, dresses, pants etc.
—Guest Tabitha K

Separate by Functionality

I separate clothes by function: work, gym, weekend, pajamas, formal, semi-casual.
—Guest Sheila

Inside Closet Door Storage

I use the inside of my closet door to hang necklaces. This way they never get tangled and it looks pretty.
—Guest Amy

Ice Cube Trays

I use ice cube trays to organize and separate my earrings and necklaces.
—Guest Jen

Install a Double Hang

A double hang does just what it says: doubles your hanging space. This is the best and cheapest way to get more storage space out of your closet.
—Guest Elizabeth

What's your time saver?

Share Your Times Savers To Organize Clothes

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