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Readers Respond: Favorite Kitchen Time Savers

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Share your favorite kitchen time savers with readers. From the pantry to the spice rack and all of the kitchen appliances and grocery lists in between: What's your favorite kitchen organization tip?

Potato & Onion Bags

After you're done with them, ball them up and use them to scrub dishes, pots and pans.
—Guest sandy

Storing Appliance & Extension Cords

I store appliance cords and extension cords in wooden and copper napkin rings, which keeps them tidy and easy to store.
—Guest bj

Give a news life to old oven mitts

First, wash very well and then use as a washing mit when doing dirty outside jobs, like window sills. Terry cloth mitts can be used as dusters if not greasy: wash the car, or use old ones for the tires.

plastic grocery bags

I make a ball and tie a knot with them, and then use them to do dishes. They work very wel (specialty messy dishes) -- saves a sponge
—Guest maria

Keep the mess in the sink

When I mix a batter, I place the whole bowl in the sink. This way if (when) the ingredients splash over the side, it splashes into the sink and there mess on the counter.
—Guest Mary

Kitchen tip

I keep a permanent marker by the refrigerator,when I open jelly,ketchup,peanut butter,any condiments( and spices) I put the date on top of the jar.Its easy to loose count of the time its been in your fridge,also if we dont like a item,I make a note not to buy it again,saves alot of waste
—Guest Linda

Store By The Use By Date

Store goods with the nearest 'USE BY' dates up front on shelves and other like items behind these, also by date. You can see what needs using and how much you have left at a glance.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Pantry Plus

Print up a master list for shopping. For every room list the basics regularly needed and space for miscellaneous add-ins. Keep these in your pantry for when you are truly out of extras, then the top copy in your wallet or purse as you leave the house.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Everything by the Kitchen Sink

Keep appropriately contained toothbrushes, jewelry, and other grooming items in kitchen or bedrooms. More sanitary, it also frees up bathroom time for others.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Wipe it Down

A slit cut in the top of a pretty, plastic shoebox dispenses wet-wipes, or paper towels for wiping up spills, handles, countertops, phones, etc.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Great Storage Idea!

When storing canned goods that expire a year later or more, I store them upside down. The closest to present year I store upright. Lets me know what I need to use immediately, without turning over all the cans.

Grocery Shopping Tips

I keep a dry erase board on my refriderator. It makes it very easy to make a note of what we are out of or almost out of. My boys were always telling me what we needed or what they wanted when I couldn't make a note of it. Of course later I wouldn't remember what it was they had said, so no one got what they wanted. They still try to tell me what they want sometimes, but now I can tell them to just write it down. I make less trips to the store now. I also started keeping a note pad and pen in my room.
—Guest Lana J.

Tea bags and Zip close bags

I put all of my tea bag in a zip close bag. The boxes that most tea comes in does not stay closed very well, and for as little as they hold take up a lot of room. In a zipper bag you can save a lot of space, and have more flexibility in where to store them.
—Guest Lana J.

reuse old tissue boxes

I use plastic shopping bags to line wastebaskets and for pooper scoopers for the bag and keep them handy in old square tissue boxes. You can stuff a bunch in each, stick it in the corner or on a shelf and they're neat.

Using cabinet shelf space

We use pull out shelves on all our lower cabinets. This way you can visualize and use the entire shelf. The shelves are not hard to make and pull-out brackets are available in all the home stores. There are commercial firms that specialize in making cabinet shelving as well. These pull outs have revolutionized our kitchen and made items so much easier to get when needed.
—Guest GTRacer

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