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Readers Respond: Favorite Kitchen Time Savers

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Share your favorite kitchen time savers with readers. From the pantry to the spice rack and all of the kitchen appliances and grocery lists in between: What's your favorite kitchen organization tip? Your Kitchen Time Savers

Pressure cooker

My daughter taught me this one. Learn to use a pressure cooker. She does beans, potatoes, pot roasts, other stuff in much less time.

Double batches + servings

I try not to make one serving of any thing. Garlic Butter can be made in 2 stick batches, 1/2 your cookie dough can usually be frozen for later, Taco meat can be made in 2 lb. batches and frozen in 1 c. portions. The key to managing frozen food is keeping a freezer inventory list of everything you put in it and take out of it. So I have a pencil with a magnet taped to it so I can keep it on the freezer and I can add and subtract from my list, for example, add 8 hamburger patties or scratch off 3 hamburger patties. I also save time by deciding in the morning what to have for dinner, and I can thaw something ahead of time.
—Guest Jo

Label it!

Put all your spices, flours, grains and pastas etc into matching containers and label each container with its contents. I love Oliver's Labels Pantry Labels for this. Check them out: www.oliverslabels.com/jennifers
—Guest Jennifer S

A Baking Cupboard

I have a cupboard for all baking items such as baking powder and soda, salt, and vanilla. My mixer is on the counter below. Close by are 8 quart jars with flour, sugar, oatmeal etc.. Baking is much easier with everything is right at your finger tips.
—Guest Diane

Washable Marker

We keep a washable marker handy in the kitchen and when we put away leftovers or when we open things (like use within 7 days after opening, etc.), we write the date on the top. It washes right off. Be careful though, if you get it wet not to get it on you/things as it does transfer.
—Guest Hammock Momma

Kitchen organizing ideas

Re-arrange and straighten utensils in your kitchen cabinet every time you clean up. This helps to make it look different and precious.
—Guest liza

wax paper

Use wax paper for breading meat. Use on sheet for the flour, one for the bread crumbs. Then you need to only dirty one bowl for the egg mixture. Also, they make great plates for kids peanut butter sandwiches.
—Guest linda

Declutter one drawer at a time

Tonight my daughter was looking for a mellon-baller. I removed the drawer I thought it might be in, emptied the contents onto the kitchen table, and wiped out the drawer. I then sorted the contents according to "use," which went back into the drawer, and "never use," which went into the donate-to-thrift-shop box I keep by the front door. Result: a clean organized drawer, 5 items in the "donate" box, one of which none of us had any idea what its purpose was! Oh, and we had no mellon-baller!
—Guest Debbie

Potato & Onion Bags

After you're done with them, ball them up and use them to scrub dishes, pots and pans.
—Guest sandy

Storing Appliance & Extension Cords

I store appliance cords and extension cords in wooden and copper napkin rings, which keeps them tidy and easy to store.
—Guest bj

Give a news life to old oven mitts

First, wash very well and then use as a washing mit when doing dirty outside jobs, like window sills. Terry cloth mitts can be used as dusters if not greasy: wash the car, or use old ones for the tires.

plastic grocery bags

I make a ball and tie a knot with them, and then use them to do dishes. They work very wel (specialty messy dishes) -- saves a sponge
—Guest maria

Keep the mess in the sink

When I mix a batter, I place the whole bowl in the sink. This way if (when) the ingredients splash over the side, it splashes into the sink and there mess on the counter.
—Guest Mary

Kitchen tip

I keep a permanent marker by the refrigerator,when I open jelly,ketchup,peanut butter,any condiments( and spices) I put the date on top of the jar.Its easy to loose count of the time its been in your fridge,also if we dont like a item,I make a note not to buy it again,saves alot of waste
—Guest Linda

Store By The Use By Date

Store goods with the nearest 'USE BY' dates up front on shelves and other like items behind these, also by date. You can see what needs using and how much you have left at a glance.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Your Kitchen Time Savers

Favorite Kitchen Time Savers

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