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Readers Respond: How Do You Store Your Shoes?

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How do you store shoes and boots? Shoe racks, shoe trays or on hangers? Tell us your shoe and boot storage tips. How do you store shoes?

Store them in the entryway

Took out the empty wall space under the stairs at the entryway. Built cubes to store my Birkenstocks. Works perfect. My birks come off as soon as I arrive home. House slippers go on.
—Guest bichon lady

On the back of the closet door

My 6 or 7 pr of good shoes hang in a shoe bag (designed for 8-10 pairs) on the back of my closet door. My other every-day shoes are in a shallow box on the floor under my low hanging clothes bar. The empty cubby holes in the shoe bag have small hats, purses, socks, undies, etc.
—Guest Jo

Walking closet

I store my shoes in my walkin closet in boxes but they take lots of room !
—Guest M.P


My clogs andbirkies go in an old wooden drawer that I keep under the bed. Cover the entire thing with an old towel, keeps out dust. I wash the towel once a month! This works for me.
—Guest adriana

Catalog Shoes

As professional organizer, I come across clients with well over 100 pairs of shoes and boots. I take a photo of each shoe, add a number to the box and create a table of the photo with the number under it. I print them out and put them in a binder. I have been doing this for years and it works great!
—Guest Susan


I'll tell you, those wire racks you get at Target for $9 are worse than laying them all out on the floor. Suggest not buying this.

Book Case

I store shoes on a book case at the back of my closet. If I had more room in my entry way, I'd do cubby holes. Boots are a challenge - I try to take them off as soon as I come in so they don't track "winter" all over the house.
—Guest Elizabeth

How do you store shoes?

How Do You Store Your Shoes?

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